Volunteer Recognition System

Volunteer Recognition System (VRS)

The AJET Volunteer Recognition System (VRS) allows JET Programme participants to log and track any hours they spend volunteering while on JET. These could be hours accrued volunteering; as part of AJET itself, as a PA/RA, or within their local community. The system operates on a self-certification basis, with JET Participants logging hours via this service.

At the end of the year JET Participants registered for the VRS will receive a Volunteer Recognition Certificate recognising their efforts and noting the total number of volunteer hours they have contributed during the given year. At the end of an individual's participation in the JET Programme, they can also request a Volunteering Transcript which will denote the full record of their volunteer activity.

Trial Period

The VRS is currently undergoing a Trial Period between May 1st 2024 and July 31st 2024. 

During this period, JET Programme participants in the following prefectures may register for the VRS:

Following the Trial Period, we plan to rollout the VRS to all interested JET Programme participants in September 2024.